Stats For You

Obtain A Variety Of Skills

RoStats offers a variety of skills, from Scripting to Composting, we have essentially all bases covered! When you apply for a skill there are 4 possible levels that you can get. Once your application gets reviewed and accepted, your skill will be displayed on your profile. Other users can vote if they think you were given the correct skill level (coming soon).

See Info About A Developer At A Glance

Every Roblox developer who has a RoStats account can apply pre-written snippets of information onto their profile, they are called Tags. Tags can tell developers basic and useful information about you, such as if your for hire and if you work long term or short term.

Quickly See If A Developer Is Safe

Have you ever wanted to see if a developer that you are planning on doing business with is reputable? Well if that developer has signed up to RoStats then you can go to their profile and find their Indicator near the top of their profile, just below the users Tags. Indicators are icons that state the developers reputation.